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The Phoenix Basket-Free Crochet Pattern

The Phoenix Basket-Free Crochet Pattern

If you haven't noticed, I've been really into tapestry crochet lately. I love all of the possibilities that come with designing a tapestry crochet piece. I've mostly stuck to doing it in rows, but knew that I wanted to create something in the round using the tapestry crochet technique. It was a bit of a challenge, but I'm so pleased with the results. I'm even more excited to be sharing all my tips and tricks for using tapestry crochet in the round as well as a free pattern!

Say hello to the Phoenix Basket!

free crochet basket pattern

***The Phoenix Basket Pattern is available as an ad-free PDF in my shop, Etsy or Ravelry. The PDF includes written instructions as well as a printable version of the tapestry crochet chart. It is 11 full color pages with photos explaining all steps.***

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you know how much I struggled with this pattern. I ended up frogging the whole thing because I wasn't happy with the construction. The first version didn't have a very flat bottom and my tension was way too tight at the beginning of the tapestry crochet rounds so it made the rest of the basket look funny. Once I figured out how to get the bottom to stay flat it was pretty much smooth sailing from there.

If you want to make your own Phoenix Basket here is what you will need:


  • Approximately 200 yards of worsted weight yarn in five colors (I used Vanna's Choice in Charcoal, Linen and Mustard as well as Loops & Thread's Impeccable in Aqua and Rouge. I had left over scraps of each color.)
  • Crochet hooks size G (4.25mm) & size H (5.00mm)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • scissors
  • Two leather straps measuring 8" each (optional)
  • sewing machine or needle and thread to attach handles


Gauge: Rounds 1-7= approximately 3.5" across

Finished Size: approximately 6.5" across and 7" high.

1. The bottom of the basket is made in a continuous round. Starting with round 6 the increases will be placed in different spots in order to keep the circle flat.

2. The sides of the basket are made using tapestry crochet and you will join each round. You can find more detailed instructions on tapestry crochet on my blog post How to Tapestry Crochet.

3. To keep your yarn from tangling feed your ends through a yarn bowl first. Then simply turn the bowl clockwise a few times to untwist.

how to keep yarn from tangling

4. Use a modified single crochet while working the tapestry crochet section. Insert hook into stitch, yo and pull up a loop then, instead of yarning over with your hook on top, place the hook behind the yarn and pull it through the last two loops on your hook. See pictures below.

Note the normal yo in the left picture compared to the modified version in the right.

5. When joining the tapestry crochet rounds, join through both loops. Then chain 1 and start the first stitch of the next round in same stitch as join.


Using Charcoal yarn and size G (4.25mm) hook Ch 2.

Round 1: work 7 sc into 2nd ch from hook, do not join (7)

Round 2: 2sc in each stitch around. (14)

Round 3: *2sc in first st, 1 sc in next, repeat from * around. (21)

Round 4: *2sc in first st, sc 2, repeat from * around (28)

Round 5: *2sc in first st, sc 3, repeat from * around (35)

Round 6: *sc 3, 2sc in next st, sc 1, repeat from * around (42)

Round 7: *sc 2, 2sc in next st, sc 3, repeat from * around (49)

Round 8: *sc 5, 2sc in next st, sc 1, repeat from * around (56)

Round 9: *sc 3, 2sc in next st, sc 4, repeat from * around (63)

Round 10: *sc 1, 2sc in next st, sc 7, repeat from * around (70)

Round 11: *sc 5, 2sc in next st, sc 4, repeat from * around (77)

Round 12: *sc 2, 2sc in next st, sc 8, repeat from * around (84)

Round 13: *sc 6, 2sc in next st, sc 5, repeat from * around, add an extra sc in the last st. (92)

Turn your work so the wrong side is facing you.

crochet basket pattern

Switch to size H (5.00mm) hook.

Round 14: sl st in each stitch around. (92)

phoenix basket pattern

From this point on you will join each round.

Round 15: ch 1, sc into round 13 stitches and around the slip stitches from round 14 all the way around. Join with sl st to first sc. (92)

Here is what your bottom piece will look like once you have completed round 15.

Chain 1 and turn your work again so the right side is facing you.

From this point on you will use the tapestry crochet technique. Work all stitches with the modified single crochet. The chart is read from right to left for each round.

End tapestry crochet by dropping every color except for Charcoal.

Round 35: ch1, sc around through both loops in charcoal, sl st in top of first st to join. (92)

Round 36: ch1, crab stitch into round 34 and around the stitches in round 35 in every other stitch all the way around. (46)

crab stitch crochet

Fasten off and weave in ends, making sure to attach the last crab stitch and the first crab stitch in the last round.

If you would like to add handles you will need two pieces of leather measuring 3/4" by 8."

I purchase my leather already cut into strips from the Springfield Leather Company. They are very high quality and very affordable. Here is a link to the exact ones I use.

leather handles for basket

Line up the ends of the handles on either side of the top two plus signs. Then carefully sew them on making a square with an x inside. It helps to slip a piece of tissue paper under the basket to keep the crochet from getting caught in the machine. You can also just sew them on by hand, but will need to pre-poke the holes in the leather with a leather punch or needle.

phoenix basket pattern
free crochet pattern

Congratulations! You just finished making your very own Phoenix Basket! I really hope you enjoyed this free pattern. Remember if you would like an Ad-FREE PDF version, which also includes written tapestry crochet  instructions and a printable version of the tapestry chart you can find it in my shop, on Etsy or on Ravelry.

I would love to see your completed Phoenix Baskets! Make sure to tag me @meghanmakesdo or use #meghanmakesdo on social media so I can see!

Happy Crocheting!


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