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My Monthly Make-Statement Earrings

My Monthly Make-Statement Earrings

I don't know about you, but August was a super busy month. I've been working on a ton of patterns and even squeezed in a pattern test for another maker. With a full schedule for the month I knew I needed a quick monthly make and wanted to do something really fun. What could be more fun than these crochet fringe statement earrings from Alexis at Persia Lou?

crochet statement earrings

Luckily this project was pretty quick and I had most of the materials already. I used to do cross stitch and have quite a collection of embroidery floss on hand. I choose some colors that looked like fall and was almost able to make each pair with what I had. I did end up going to Joann's to get some more and might even make a few more for the shop this fall.

diy crochet earrings

The crochet pieces worked up super quick. The fringe however, took me a bit longer than expected. At first I used only one piece of floss folded in half, but then realized that it wouldn't be thick enough so I doubled it up and that looked much better. 

Since I had started making them with my older floss which had been wrapped around cards for a couple years I had some dents in my floss. I steamed the fringe with an iron when I was done attaching them and that helped to straighten it out. I used a fine tooth comb like Alexis suggested and it worked great to separate the stands. 

Once I had all of the strands looking good I held both pieces together and trimmed them up with a sharp pair of scissors. I did both pieces at the same time in order to make sure the earrings matched when I was done.

diy statement earrings

With the time consuming part over, all that was left to do was glue the earring pieces together and attach the earring hooks.

I am so happy with how they turned out and I love how lightweight they are. These make great gifts or could even be sold at craft shows. If you would like to make a pair for yourself you can find the full tutorial at Alexis has a ton of free tutorials and patterns in all areas of crafting so definitely go check her out on Instagram too.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my August Monthly Make. It has been so much fun being able to take time to make something for myself this year. I hope you find some time to make something just for you soon! What would you make? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Making!


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