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The Best Gifts For Makers

The Best Gifts For Makers

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It’s gift giving season again! While trying to figure out what to tell my husband I wanted for Christmas this year I realized that what I want may also be what other makers want too. So I figured it was time for another round up post, but this time it’s filled with some of the best ideas for giving gifts to the makers in your life. If you’re a maker yourself you can just send your family a link to this page so they know exactly what to get you!

Even though I’m posting this close to Christmas time, all of these ideas are perfect for any gift giving occasion so make sure to bookmark this page. Also, please keep in mind that with it being so close to the holidays and with having included as many small businesses as possible, some items may not be available at this time. It’s always nice to keep these fellow makers in mind though for future gift giving occasions.

hand dyed yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn

I’ve fallen in love with hand dyed yarn and there are so many amazing makers out there creating the most beautiful colorways. Why not treat your maker friends to a luxurious skein of yarn that they can create with. There are so many dyers out there but here are four that are on the top of my list!

  1. KT and The Squid

  2. Laine and Lotus

  3. Montana Crochet

  4. The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers

best tools for makers


A maker can’t make without a great set of tools so treat your maker to something new that will also be super useful. Spoil them with a fancy new crochet hook or get them something to make their lives easier like a pom-pom maker or swift. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Furls Crochet Hooks

  2. Hand Carved Hook from Miramarwoods

  3. Bamboo Knitting Needles

  4. Clover Pom-Pom makers

  5. Blocking Boards and Pins

  6. Bobbin Holders from My Darn Yarn

  7. Stitch Markers & Bracelets from Heidi and Lana

  8. Unicorn Yarn Bowl from 3amgracedesigns

swag slide.jpg

Maker Swag

One of the best things about being a maker is being able to show it off with pride. Grab the maker in your life some of these amazing pieces that they are sure to love!

  1. Crochet Is My Cardio Sweatshirt from DebrosseNYC

  2. Team Crochet Sweatshirt from Megmadewithlove

  3. Maker Tees from The Yarn Mamas

  4. Crafty Badges from TLYarncrafts

  5. Makers Gonna Make Mug from 3amgracedesigns

  6. Old Soul Pin from Bundle Handmade (please note that these pins are the last that she has and will not be restocking so grab some quick while you still can!)

  7. Chart Mug from Dearewe

bags and pouches.jpg

Project Bags & Cases

Help the maker in your life keep all their wips (works in progress) and tools safe in a pretty bag or case. They can never have too many pouches right?

  1. Open Wide Pouches from me, Meghanmakesdo

  2. Crochet Hook Cases from 1000stitches

  3. Fringe Supply Co Field Bag

  4. Wip Bag from DearEwe



There have been so many new books from some of the best makers this year. Having a new book filled with new patterns and designs is a great gift for the maker in your life. Or simply give the gift of a stitch dictionary, perfect for the designer in your life.

  1. Whimsical Stitches by Lauren Epsy

  2. Corner To Corner Crochet by Jess Coppom

  3. 500 Crochet Stitches

  4. 750 Knit Stitches

subscription & kits.jpg

Kits & Subscriptions

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a kit or subscription. Subscription boxes are very popular right now and there are plenty to choose from to suit any makers needs. Or give them the gift of learning something new with a fun crafty kit!

  1. Hoffelt and Hooper Co embroidery kits

  2. The Crafters Box

  3. Knitcrate

  4. Yarn Crush



Here are some more great items that makers would love to have as gifts! Faux fur poms are great for those makers who create hats. Or give a fancy stamp that they can use for their business or personal use.

  1. Faux Fur Poms from Rose and Purl

  2. Faux Fur Poms from Addison James Knits

  3. Hand Carved Stamps from Laura-Makes

  4. Snap on Faux Fur Poms by me, Meghanmakesdo

I hope this list gave you plenty of gift giving ideas for yourself or someone you know. Let me know if you get any of these items this year or if you think there is an item that needs to be included in this list that I missed. Make sure to give all these shops a follow on social media too so you don’t miss out on all this maker goodness.

Happy Shopping!


best gifts for makers
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