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How To Use Instagram Stories

How To Use Instagram Stories

I’m a super excited for this week’s post about how to use Instagram Stories. I knew when I decided to do a series about Instagram, Stories were a topic that must be covered. They are probably my favorite thing about Instagram and I can’t wait to share with you all the ways you can use them!

how to use instagram stories

In case you didn’t know, Instagram Stories are short videos you can post that disappear after 24 hrs. They are found by clicking on your (or someone else’s) profile picture or at the very top of the screen on your home page.

Stories are a great way to give your followers a behind the scenes look at what you do and who you are. They can be used to share new content, promote sales or patterns, share other’s content and interact with the community that follows you.

Normally I go LIVE on Instagram for topics like this, but I wanted there to be a way for me to show you exactly how to use all the features of Instagram Stories. So let me introduce you to the Meghan Makes Do Stories Challenge! #mmdstorieschallenge

For the next two weeks I’ll be posting daily challenges here and on Instagram. These challenges were created to help you get comfortable using Instagram Stories and learn all the ways you can use them for your business or to just connect with others using the app. Along with the challenges, I’ll have mini video tutorials that will walk you step by step through each challenge and show you exactly what you need to do. You’ll be able to access those videos here, on YouTube and in my Instagram Stories Highlights.

Once you view the daily challenge and the video tutorial, it will be your turn to access your stories and complete the challenge. Make sure that you tag me @meghanmakesdo in your story so I can see it. Feel free to use the hashtag #mmdstorieschallenge as well. Then you’ll be able to easily see everyone’s posts by searching that hashtag in the explore page.

Now here’s the best part! Every day that you complete a challenge (and tag me in your story) you’ll be entered to win a grand prize from me! I’ll be keeping track of everyone’s entries and the winner will be announced during my Instagram LIVE on June 24th.

Are you ready to join the challenge?

Check back here daily from June 11th-June 23rd to find all the #mmdstorieschallenge videos.

1.How To Add a Photo, Add Text, Tag Someone and Add a Hashtag To Your Stories.

Today’s challenge is all about how to add a photo from your camera roll to your stories. Then I’ll show you how to add text, tag someone (in text or through the IG features) and add a hashtag (in text and through IG features).

2. How To Take A Video and Add Pinned Text In IG Stories

In this video you will learn how to take a video in IG stories. Then I will show you exactly how to add text and pin it to a specific point in the video so it stays still. This is a great tool for when you want to show something off, but don’t want text to cover the entire video.

3. How To Take A Selfie and Add a Filter

Filters are a fun and easy way to make your Stories a bit more interesting. In this video I’ll walk you through how to find the filters and how to take a selfie using IG Stories.

4. How To Take A Boomerang Video Using Instagram Stories

Boomerang videos are a great way to add a bit of fun to your Instagram Stories. Get creative with all the things you could use them for and add text, gifs or hashtags too!

5. How To Add A GIF To IG Stories

In this video I’ll show you how to access, search and add GIFs to your Instagram Stories. You can add them to pictures or videos to add a bit of fun to your stories.

6. How To Add A Poll

Learn how to ask your followers a questions using a Poll.

7. Share Your Poll Results

Learn how to access and share your Instagram Stories poll results.

8. How To Ask A Question and Then Share Responses

Learn how to ask a question using the Question Box feature of IG Stories. I’ll also show you how to find and share the responses you receive and how to share multiple responses on one story.

9. How To Add A Quiz To Your Stories

Learn how to add a quiz to your Instagram Stories. You’ll be able to create your own question or choose from random ones generated by IG. Add answers and select the correct one so your audience will know if they guess right.

10. How To Share A Post To Your Stories

Learn how to share your post or someone else’s post in your Instagram Stories.

11. How To Make A Superzoom Video

Learn where to find and how to create a Superzoom video using Instagram Stories.

12. How To Add Music To Your Instagram Stories

Learn how to find, search for and add music to your Instagram Stories. Music is a fun feature to use to enhance your stories, just know that it may not be available on all accounts.

13. How To Add A Countdown

Learn how to find and add a countdown in your Instagram Stories. Countdowns are a great way to keep your audience informed of important events like shop updates, pattern releases and when you will be going LIVE on social media.

Phew! That was a lot and not even all of the things you can do in your Instagram Stories. I hope you found these tutorials helpful and I can’t wait to see your stories!

Happy Gramming!


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