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DIY Snap On Faux Fur Poms

DIY Snap On Faux Fur Poms

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Craft fair season is upon us and it’s time to start getting ready for cooler weather. One of my best sellers has always been hats and the past few years it has been very popular to also include a faux fur pom pom to the top. In order to keep my prices competitive I make my own and as a plus I attach snaps to make them easily removable. This allows my customers to launder their hats with out destroying the pom and gives them the opportunity to mix and match a few different colors. Today I’m going to show you exactly how I make my snap on faux fur poms and give you a list of all the materials I love to use to make them.

diy snap on pom poms

Making your own snap on poms can be easy and affordable. One yard of faux fur can make a few dozen large faux fur poms. Adding the snaps will add a bit to your cost, but buying them wholesale or in bulk can save you a ton!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own snap on faux fur poms:

  1. Good Quality Faux Fur

Remember, not all fur is the same. When choosing faux fur I try to look for really soft, durable high pile fabrics. The pile is how long the fur extends from the backing fabric. Aim for furs that are 2-4” in height in order to get nice full poms. I get a lot of my furs from Joann’s and have found a few on as well. The nice thing about is you can order sample swatches before you buy so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before making a large investment. You can also sign up for a business account to receive a small discount on your order.

2. Poly-Fil

You’ll need to stuff your poms with a little poly-fil (or scraps of fur or yarn if you want to save even more money) in order for it to keep it’s shape. I love this poly-fil from Joann’s or Amazon. A small bag can make a ton of poms and it holds it’s form really well.

3. Sturdy Yarn or Cotton Thread

In order to secure your pom you’ll need to use sturdy yarn ( I love Lion Brand Heartland Yarn) or strong cotton thread. I find the yarn to be a bit better at holding the first part of the knot as it ‘clings’ to the faux fur fabric a bit more than the cotton thread. You can use a combination of both or just one depending on what works best for you. Sometimes I’ll use the yarn to secure the pom and then the cotton thread to attach the pom.

4. Snaps

When it comes to snaps I prefer to use large size 10 sew on snaps. These snaps are about 3/4” in diameter and provide a nice secure fastener for my poms. You can find then at Michael’s or Joann’s in sets of 4, but I invested in a bulk order from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply and that was the most affordable option. You can also find bulk sets of snaps on Amazon for a similar price.

5. Sharp Tapestry Needles

You’ll need a large eye tapestry needle for sewing up your pom and securing the snap. Make sure that it is sharp enough to pierce through the faux fur and thin enough to fit through the holes in the snap while also having yarn thread through it. I love this set from Amazon.

6. Large Circular Template

In order to make your faux fur pom you’ll need to cut large circles out of your fur fabric. I love reusing old lids from hummus containers or an overturned yarn bowl since they are perfect circles and large in size. You can also just create your own from some sheets of cardboard. I prefer to make a circle that is at least 6” in diameter to get a nice full sized pom. The larger the circle the larger the finished pom.

7. Sharp Scissors

You will also need some sharp scissors for cutting your faux fur fabric. I usually use my regular fabric scissors, but even smaller ones will work great since you are just going to be using the very tip.

8. Tailor’s Chalk or Marking Tool

In order to trace my circle template onto the fur fabric I use my Tailor’s Chalk. I love this chalk because it easily iron’s off in case you make a mistake. You can also just use a pen or marker if needed since the bottom side of the fur won’t be seen.


Now that you have all the necessary supplies, it’s time to learn how to make these amazing snap on pom-poms. I made this video tutorial showing you exactly how I make them or you can view the photo tutorial below.

Lay your faux fur face down and using your circular template and your tailor’s chalk, trace a circle on the back. Then using just the tip of your scissors, cut along the circle only cutting through the backing fabric. DO NOT cut the faux fur. By just cutting the backing fabric with the tip of your scissors will ensure that you don’t accidentally cut the ends off of the fur which will give you a chopped up pom pom.

Thread a long piece of yarn or cotton thread onto your needle. About 1/4” from the edge of the fur circle, start stitching around the whole circumference of the circle.

Gently pull the two ends of the yarn to start closing the pom. Add a enough ploy-fil to ensure the pom keeps it shape making sure to not over fill. Pull ends tight and knot to secure.

Find the bottom of the pom where all the edges meet. Then either thread one of the yarn ends onto the needle or use a new strand of cotton thread. Sew the male end of the snap onto the pom, making sure to go through the backing fabric.

You may catch some of the fur ends while sewing. Simply use the end of your needle to pull the ends out from under the snap. Sew all the way around and then thread the other end of yarn and sew around in the opposite direction. Knot the yarn or thread again.

Using the needle, thread the ends under the snap to secure and cut off.

how to make a removable faux fur pom pom

Sew the female end onto the top of a finished hat using matching yarn and securing ends on the inside of the hat. Then snap the pom in place and enjoy!

I hope found this tutorial helpful! If you’d rather purchase pre-made snap on poms I have them available in my shop!

Let me know if you use this tutorial to make your own faux fur poms by sharing on social media. Make sure to tag me @meghanmakesdo or use #mmdtutorials

Happy Pomming!


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