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DIY Christmas Stockings

DIY Christmas Stockings

This year I am really getting into the Christmas spirit. Last year we didn't even get our decorations out! It sometimes seems silly to deck out our house with decorations when we won't be there to enjoy it. Since moving to California we have always been out of town visiting family on Christmas. But this year Emerson has been really into Santa and all things Christmas so I'm going with it. We even bought a real tree this year! 

One thing I didn't have was a stocking for Emmett. I thought about buying him one, but then we would of had two brown velvet ones a blue knit one and whichever one I could find for him at a store. It was time to revamp all our stockings by making new ones for everyone. I'm really digging plaid and flannel this year and I liked the idea of non-matching ones.

It only took me about 2 hours to make them and I love how they turned out! If you are in need of some Christmas stockings and don't want to spend a bunch of money then I've got you covered. Here's what you will need:

  • 1/2 yard of fabric for base of stocking (I used plaid flannel, but any type of fabric will work)

  • 1/4 yard of fabric for top and hanging tab (I used white snuggle flannel)

  • sewing machine

  • serger (optional)

  • thread to match

  • scissors

  • tailor's chalk or pen

  • Stocking Template


Print and cut out the stocking template. Cut out two stocking pieces for the exterior and two for the lining. You can use different fabrics for the exterior and interior or the same like I did.

At this point if you don't have a serger or don't want your seams to show on the inside then you can sew around the two sets of stockings leaving the top open for turning and then place the lining inside the stocking with wrong sides together.

 I was okay with seeing the serging stitch on the inside so I just layered all four pieces together and sewed around leaving the top open. You could also just use two pieces of fabric, but I liked the thickness of all four layers.

Now you will need to cut the pieces for the top of the stocking and then hanging tab.

Cut a 10"X15.5" rectangle for the top of the stocking and a 2"X5.5" rectangle for the hanging tab out of the white flannel.

Fold the rectangle for the stocking top in half with short sides together. Then sew or serge along that edge.

Fold the top in half so that the raw edges are touching and the sewn edges are tucked inside. It will be a circular shape with the top being the raw edges and the bottom being a nice fold. You will have a seam from where the short sides were sewn together. I like to align that seam with the outside seam of the main stocking piece.

Using the smaller rectangle we will create the hanging tab. Fold it in half so long sides are together and press. Unfold and fold each long edge into the center where it creases and press. Then fold in half again and sew along the long edge to secure.

Fold the hanging tab in half to create a loop and then pin it to the main stocking piece. Place it inside  on the seam of the stocking (opposite of the toe). Make sure that the loop is facing down and the raw edges are in line with the edges of the stocking.

Then place the stocking top inside the main stocking piece so the seam is in line with the hanging loop and the folded edge is facing down inside. All raw edges should be inline. Then sew all the way around. Be careful when you sew where the hanging loop is because it is very thick and could break your needle.

Now reach inside and pull the top part of the stocking out. Then fold it down around the main stocking piece along the seam. The hanging tab should be facing out now. Give the stocking a nice press and you are done!


I love that these are pretty simple to make and can be totally customizable. I was considering adding our names to the top of the stockings, but I don't have a monogram machine and I wasn't sure if I would like the look of using paint and a stencil. I might have to bring them to Ohio with me because my mom has one. So if I end up adding the names I'll post an update here.


Let me know if you make some stockings by adding a comment below or sharing on social media by tagging @meghanmakesdo or using #meghanmakesdo. I'd love to see what you create!

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