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Craft Show Display Ideas From IKEA

Craft Show Display Ideas From IKEA

This past weekend my family and I went to IKEA and I was blown away by how many amazing items they had that could be used for craft fairs. I have my first big craft show of the year coming up at the end of July so display ideas have been on my mind a lot lately. I just had to take a ton of pictures and share with you all the affordable craft fair display ideas I have. I've included links to all the items to make it easier for you to find. Items range from $2-$110 so there is something for every budget. 


For me, one of the things I'm always trying to find new ideas for is taking up vertical space. I have a 10'X10' tent with three folding tables. I hate that most items end up being displayed flat on a table so when I saw these peg boards I knew that I could display some of my items vertically and really showcase all the amazing products I have.


These SKADIS pegboards come in three sizes and can easily be hung from your tent using s-hooks or twine. You can also purchase these letter holder attachments which are great for displaying pouches or hats. The regular hooks would be great for hanging jewelry, key chains or wristlets. So many possibilities with these. You could also easily create some kind of wooden stand that they could sit in and then they could be placed on a table or the ground. I purchased two square 22" peg boards at $13.99 each and 6 letter holders and two sets of regular hooks at $2 a piece. In total $44 bucks. Here's a picture of how I plan to use them for my display.

ikea for craft shows

Plant holders


Wandering through the living room area I found this adorable plant stand. The SATSUMAS will run you $45, but would look so good as a stand alone display for pouches, bags or baskets or set on top of a table to take up some vertical space. You could also use it for your plants during your off season.


Speaking of plants, take a look at these amazing BITTERGURKA hanging baskets. They are made from metal and wood and you can connect them together to create one large hanging display. I imagine using them to hold some cute little crocheted toys. I love that you can easily hand them from the bars of your tent and at $10 bucks each they won't break the bank. 



Here is probably the most expensive option, the YPPERLIG, but I just love this shelf. If you have the space in your car to bring some shelving this would look perfect set up at a craft show. It's a bit of an investment at $110, but if you take care of it, it will last for years. 


If you want some cheaper shelving options for your craft fair display then there are plenty to choose from, like this LAIVA book shelf. For $20 you can have a super cute shelf to display your products on. Just keep in mind you will have to assemble it at the show if you don't have a large enough vehicle.


The LACK book shelf will run you $60 bucks but has a really unique look to it. This one I would recommend attaching somehow to one of the poles of your tent if possible to provide some extra support. You could use this to display pouches, baskets or stuffed animals.

Utility Carts

Utility carts are perfect for craft shows. They are easily movable and can be used as a stand along display for smaller items. The SUNNERSTA and the RASKOG are $30 and would make the perfect addition to your craft show display.

Side Tables


Side tables or night stands make great display pieces. You can set them on top of a table to add some height to your display. This NESNA side table for $15 would be great for holding baskets filled with toys, coffee cozies or hats. I couldn't find the NESNA online, but the KNARRAVIK is similar.


The HJARTELIG is a bit more expensive at $40, but would be perfect as a vertical display. It's great for displaying a hat on a mannequin or a basket filled with goodies.

Also for $40 is the LIERSKOGAN table. This one is amazing. The little basket and table top are adjustable! You can easily have a bunch of goodies in the little basket area while also having room on the table top to display a basket or bag. It would be great for displaying a hat on the table top and then having more hats down below in the basket.


The simple design of the GLADOM is perfect for any craft display. The metal tray is removable. It would look great sitting on top of a table with pouches or wallets laid out in a circular patter on the tray top. You could also easily fit a basket under the tray to cover the legs and display more items. At only $20 it's an affordable addition to any display.

Room Dividers


The HJARTELIG room divider is a bit of an investment at $99, but with a little construction can become a fun little shelving unit or hanging display. You can easily hang hangers from the slats to display scarves or shawls. Or take out a few of the slats and insert solid wood pieces from the lumber store to create shelves.

Bathroom Storage


The VILTO towel ladder is perfect for displaying blankets and quilts at craft shows. It can easily be rested against a tent pole or even hung from the tent along one side. At $50 it's a smaller investment that can also be used in your home during off season.


This DYNAN towel rack is perfect for displaying baskets, hats or even rolled up blankets or quilts. At only $20 it's the perfect addition to your display. I love that it can stand on it's own and is easy to assemble the day of your craft show.


Both the RAGRUND (left) and the MOLGER (right) are great shelving options. They are a bit more expensive, but can give your display a more rustic and homey feel. Just keep in mind you will have to transport them to and from your show so you will need a large enough vehicle to hold them or plan to assemble them at the show.

Trays & Baskets

The STOCKHOLM 2017  ash and the STOCKHOLM 2017 walnut are great trays for displaying small items such as cup cozies, jewelry, headbands or wallets. They are perfect for setting on your tables to break up space or setting on top of upside down baskets to create vertical display space.


I love these simple little crates. I already use few similar ones in my current display, but you can't beat the prices of these. The small size KNAGGLIG is $6 and the large size KNAGGLIG is $10. I love turning them on their sides to create a taller shelf or even stacking them to take up more vertical space.

The BULLIG baskets are a pretty and affordable option for your display. Great for holding pouches, hats, or rolled up blankets. Or lay them on their side to create a little mini shelf on your table. They are only $9 so you can get a few to create a cohesive display.


If you are looking at getting some affordable craft show display items then IKEA is a great resource. I hope you found a bit of inspriation here. Make sure to pin your favorite ideas to pinterest. You can follow me here. If you use any of the above mentioned items I'd love to see it. Share your pictures on social media and make sure to tag me @meghanmakesdo or use #meghanmakesdo.

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